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Share your stories of racism, discrimination and workplace inequity.

    Your Story Matters

    By sharing your story, you are helping to amplify the untold experiences of thousands of people just like you. There is power when we share our stories.

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    Tell us about an incident that happened at work. Ex. “othering”, microaggression, bullying, discrimination etc.

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    If you need support to help navigate the specific issue, we will work with you to create an action plan.

    Build Awareness & Help Others

    The anonymized data that we collect is used to train and educate our Corporate Allies™ so they can help foster more inclusive work climates.

    Your Privacy Matters

    We know that many people never speak up when they have been victimized on the job because of fear of being reprimanded or labelled as a troublemaker. That is why preserving your anonymity and your privacy is a top priority for us.


    We will never share your name or identify you.


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