Anti-Racism at Work

Get the support you need to address racial discrimination in the workplace.

Culture Check is a social impact business that provides support, education and best practices to address racial discrimination at work in 3 steps.


We offer free & confidential support for victims of racism in the workplace


We collect the anonymized data and stories and turn them into actionable insights


We teach these insights and provide training to our Corporate Allies™


Is racism in the workplace really a problem?

Yes, with two main factors.

  1. How pervasive racism is for those who are impacted by it
  2. How invisible it is for those who are not

Our Philosophy

Aligning businesses with the racialized workforce

We provide a truly safe space where individuals can speak openly about their experiences, without fear of repercussion, alienation or invalidation.  Most companies are not able to provide this level of trust due to disproportionate unemployment rates among people of colour compared to the white population.  When combined with the disproportionate amounts of power and influence within organizations, it has created a backdrop of insecurity and fear, translating into most racist indiscretions never being spoken about or reported. 

National Employment Rates

  • White 90.7% 90.7%
  • Latin American 84% 84%
  • Asian (East, West, South, South East) 83.8% 83.8%
  • Black 83.2% 83.2%
  • Arab 82.7% 82.7%
  • First Nations 66.7% 66.7%
Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey Supplement, July 2020 & Employment of First Nations men and women living off reserve

Racialized communities of equal education earn less than their White counterparts








Latin American


Asian (East, West, South, Southeast)



Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population


People of Colour

Rarely or never tell anyone in their organization about their experiences with racism 

Source: Culture Check, Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Survey

Become an Ally

Do GOOD for the community.

Do WELL as a company. 

Join our network of Corporate Allies, and tap into a community of  like-minded organizations that are making a difference in the fight against racism.