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There is a large knowledge and experience gap within many organizations

Stop Inhibiting inclusive cultural norms

Culture Check has developed a foundational series of workshops, designed to stretch leaders and organizations in their thinking and challenge them in their practices.


Creating an Anti-Racist Culture

There is a common misconception that the opposite of racist is not racist. This 3-part workshop explores why this line of thinking can be problematic and how it contributes to a culture that actually fuels racism. Attendees will discuss and develop a simple framework and action list to start creating a safer environment for racialized employees.

From Transactional to Transformational

As organizations seek to change culture around diversity, equity, and inclusion, there is the potential to create resentment and produce more division than togetherness. This workshop helps position anti-racism work as not something people are forced into but are excited to support.

Fostering Psychological Safety

At the core of an inclusive and anti-racist culture is Psychological Safety. In this workshop, we will dive into what this means and how it can be fostered to create climates of trust, learning, and innovation.

Operationalizing Our Values

There are often gaps between the values promoted by organizations and the daily experiences of their employees- particularly around diversity and inclusion. This workshop will help teams realign on their core values, identify the behaviours that embody those values and then institutionalize them.

Creating Belonging

In order to truly experience belonging, and have others show up for us, we need to be clear on how we experience belonging. This workshop will walk people through their Belonging Map™, building clarity around the needs and feelings required to experience belonging at work.

Fundamentals of Inclusive Leadership

There are essential skills that all managers should know– but are rarely taught within business schools or explicitly communicated by employers. They are skills that have historically been referred to as “soft skills”, but are often cited as being the most difficult to develop. In this series of workshops, we will explore and practice developing these skills that will serve as a foundation for building stronger, more inclusive teams.

Looking for something specific?

Custom Workshops are also available.

Such topics as:

  • Belonging
  • Team Culture
  • Managing Up
  • Racism
  • Remote Teams
  • Recovering from a bad situation
  • Mental Health
  • Building Empathy
  • Hiring

Ideal For…


We have developed workshops that are uniquely targeted towards the challenges faced by executives that leading an organization towards becoming more diverse and inclusive.

Team Leaders

People Managers can often find themselves stuck trying to balance is needs and demands of the organization, while supporting the needs of their direct reports. We ensure our workshops are relevant and actionable at all levels.


Our sense of Inclusion is felt strongest within our workgroups, that is why it is essential for teams that work together to learn, develop and challenge group dynamics and norms together. We create a safe space for team learning.

Sanita Alias

Vice-president, People, Culture & Brand

Now more than ever, organizations have a responsibility to create a safe space where employees can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging. Culture Check hosted three workshops for the CIRA team and helped create that safe space for us. They fostered dialogue and challenged how we see the world. The facilitator was particularly great at making the difficult but necessary conversations easier to have and our team walked away with a better understanding and a renewed purpose in tackling racism in the workplace. We’re looking forward to partnering with Culture Check as we continue on this journey.

Bakhtawar Khan

Senior Policy Analyst

We engaged Culture Check for an anti-racism training for the branch. His approach throughout the process was amazing – he listened to what we were hoping to achieve, integrated the departmental context into the training, and created an atmosphere in which we could comfortably talk about race without expecting that one training session would make everything better. I would highly recommend Culture Check to anyone looking to spur lasting culture change in their organization through meaningful conversations about race.

Nagad Hersi

Mental Health Outreach Worker

We had an incredibly insightful and meaning workshop from Culture Check. Nathan was engaging and really invited our guests to deep dive into their own lens. He also provided excellent resources and practical supports that attendees could implement into their day to day lives. His work goes beyond the surface and is rooted in purpose, passion and action. Thank you!

Organizational change is rooted in shifting the culture.

Shifting the culture requires intentionality, leadership and the courage to do so. Is your organization ready for change?

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