Winning with a Wide World View

Culture Chats

Written by Nathan Hall |


Make it a habit to develop and present ideas using a wider perspective that demonstrates your contribution to strategy development and strategic outcomes.

In this chat, we will discuss Business Scenarios on different levels and offer tips along the way.

  • Board Director Level (D-Suite)
  • Executive level (C-Suite)
  • Management Level

What You'll Learn

  • Research the key facts surrounding this trend, and how it will affect your industry
  • Think about what the board’s priorities are, and how they can be implemented strategically
  • Seek to understand the strategic reasons driving the C-Suite’s decisions

Speaker Bio

Born in Montreal of Swiss and Trinidadian heritage, Ray began his cello studies at age three. He graduated from Lower Canada College at age 15, completed his Business Administration degree at Burman University, and entered the Canadian Diplomatic Corps at age 20, relocating to China. He moved to Brazil, Germany, USA, Pakistan, Ecuador and Guyana, covering asset management, protection and well-being of Canadian citizens abroad, crisis and risk, hostile environment security, and strategic communications. During COVID, he led the evacuation 1000+ vulnerable Canadian citizens from Guyana. He assists local communities in food security, social assistance, music education, and crisis intervention. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Swiss-German, his musical interests cover cello, voice, and electronic media. For the Makeda Foundation, he supports gender-balanced economic development in Africa. His consultancy, Fankhaus Valley Consultants, works on diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging in leadership, propelling sustainable growth in global majority communities. He is currently Senior National Program Manager of ADRA Canada, an international non-governmental organisation active in development and relief in dozens of countries. He is also a CEO Chair at TEC (The Executive Committee) Canada, where he leads peer groups of senior business leaders in their quest for balanced business and personal improvement.



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