Using Design Thinking to Build Your Career

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Written by Dobijoki Bringi |


Adopting a design thinking mindset can help elevate and innovate your professional life and get you closer to the career of your dreams! The design thinking methodology provide tools to help you in your journey of professional growth and to better understand yourself and your potential. Leveraging personal insights from design thinking can create opportunities and prototypes towards endless possibilities.

In this Culture Chat session, Nilufer Erdebil goes through the different steps of design thinking methodology and encourages participants to apply each step to their personal journey's.

What You'll Learn

  • High level understanding of design thinking
  • Understanding yourself better
  • Creating prototypes of your life

Speaker Bio

Nilufer Erdebil is an award-winning design thinking and innovation expert and a TEDx and TEC speaker. For over twenty years she has been a catalyst for innovation. She has worked extensively with public and private sector organizations to drive strategy, facilitate change and introduce new products and services. Her experience working within different fields including telecommunications, application development, program management and IT management give her a deep understanding of the business challenges today’s organizations are faced with.


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Design Thinking Roadmap

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