The Art of Mindfulness Living

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Mindfulness living is a lifestyle that emphasizes awareness, intentionality, and
sustainability. No Circle of People. No need to talk. This practice is excellent for all personality types because it can require as little as a shift in perspective. A habit that prepares you for a healthy day and lifestyle can be formed by dedicating even a small amount of time each day to practicing mindfulness.

In mindfulness meditation, you concentrate on being acutely aware of your senses and emotions in the present moment without interpretation or judgment. Breathing techniques, guided imagery, and other stress-reduction techniques are all part of practicing mindfulness.

What You'll Learn

  • 4 Proven Benefits of Mindfulness
  • 4 Simple ways to Incorporate Mindfulness in your Life
  • How to Jumpstart your Journey to Mindful living with a Weekly Rest Checklist

Speaker Bio

Amanda Carr Allen is an optimist whose primary goal is to live her Favorite Life. A life filled with happiness who evolves in any space and lives by the saying, “What if my messy, flawed, imperfect natural self is infinitely more enchanting than the standard of perfection I’ve been taught to attain?” She believes we'll truly see who we are once we learn how to love life as we embrace new challenges. With that, we attract the right network of people, the right job opportunities, and the right support system. Outside of work, she is a wife, a dreamer, a student, a mental health advocate, and a lover of the arts and non-fiction books, all while still loving a good fantasy.

It is her life’s mission to be a servant leader to those simply seeking a life of fulfillment, whereby they don’t need to choose between a career, love, family, and simply being themselves to live comfortably and excel at the things that ignite their passion and drive; all which makes them their truest most authentic selves. She has combined her professional expertise, spiritual vision, and passion for personal development to bring a distinctive viewpoint to her brand, TUSII, by empowering others through coaching and mentoring, assisting them in realizing their full potential and creating their FAVORITE LIFE that is consistently aligned with their values, dreams, and goals.

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