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Written by Nathan Hall |


Where you work, is not who you are. In a world where job titles often overshadow individual identity, knowing one's worth is paramount. Navigating through the nuanced landscape of professional environments, SPIN El Poeta, an established arts educator and entrepreneur, brings to light his transformative journey. Having held a unionized job with great benefits and salary for 14 years, Luis chose his reflection in the mirror and health over a steady company paycheque.. From the corridors of Toronto Community Housing to the establishment of One Mic Educators and Allard Audiology, this is a tale of resilience, self-realization, and the power of recognizing one's worth amidst adversities.

What You'll Learn

  • Get your side hustle. Your identity beyond your job title. Why it's crucial to maintain an identity distinct from your professional role and why your worth isn't tied to a designation. More importantly, how to build your side hustle.
  • Navigating challenging work environments, discover tools and strategies to handle toxic workplace dynamics and stand up against systemic issues.
  • The art of self-advocacy, master the skills or raising your voice, asserting your worth, creating impact and building your exit strategy
  • Decision Making and Transitioning: Explore how to recognize when it's time to pivot or walk away and how to do so with grace and confidence.

Speaker Bio

SPIN El Poeta is not just a name, but a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and unwavering self-belief. As the founder of One Mic Educators and the inheritor of Allard Audiology, SPIN's professional journey weaves through the arts, education, and community service sectors. With a 14-year tenure at Toronto Community Housing, he bore witness to and battled against systemic challenges, teaching him pivotal lessons about self-worth in professional environments. An award-winning artist and advocate, SPIN's voice reverberates with passion, echoing his experiences and insights into the very essence of identity, integrity, and personal power.

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