Difficult Conversations: 5 Relationship Shifting Principles

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Written by Leona Sayer |


Difficult conversations are not often at the top of the list of fun things to do and can feel like uncharted and unsafe territory. Yet, these conversations are critical in addressing and naming what is not working and becoming a catalyst for change. The downside is that they can feel combative, trigger defensiveness, erode connections, or breed self-doubt. For racialized individuals navigating predominantly white spaces, difficult conversations can quickly become part of day-to-day experiences – voicing concerns at meetings, acknowledging the harm felt, and unexpectedly becoming a spokesperson for your community. 

This culture chat will share five principles that transmute challenging conversations into opportunities for building stronger and meaningful relationships. Through storytelling and dynamic strategies, you will leave the session with increased openness to tackle your next difficult conversation from a relational perspective.

What You'll Learn

  • Define a difficult conversation
  • Identify your comfort level with different types of conversations
  • Understand the importance of relationality
  • Learn five principles to move your next difficult conversation into a relationship

Speaker Bio

Rohene Bouajram is a renowned international speaker whose impassioned advocacy has stamped the hearts of her audiences worldwide. Zimbabwe-born and raised Canadian, Rohene believes in the importance of doing one’s inner work to defy the odds of a pre-set future that are upheld by systems that have not been designed for everyone to succeed. 

Rohene studied several disciplines in Finland, China, and Canada, and spent over two decades as an educator and leader in higher education/academia - scaling areas of strategic program development, EDI, transformational systemic change, leadership, and student affairs. Rohene serves on panels, taskforces, and advisory committees and hosts a weekly podcast, Unspeakable Leadership, exploring the leadership of women of color. On a mission to redefine leadership, Rohene’s captivating dialogues and writing echo a push for breaking generational/cultural biases to transform family trees, and ultimately motivate the leaders of tomorrow to become the very change they want to see and what the world needs.

Off stage, Rohene enjoys collecting passport stamps (traveling to 4 different continents and counting), running, reading, and holding her most cherished title – mum. 

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohenebouajram/

Website: https://www.rohenebouajram.com/ 

Podcast: https://unspeakable-leadership.captivate.fm/listen 

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