Confessions of an HR Leader

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Written by Nathan Hall |


Curious about what happens behind the scenes in HR? Join us for an eye-opening webinar where we debunk misconceptions and reveal the real power of collaborating with HR. From leveraging HR expertise to navigating workplace dynamics, this session is your ticket to unlocking new opportunities and maximizing your career growth potential.

🔑 Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Harnessing the power of HR: Learn how to leverage HR resources to your advantage.
  • Myth or truth? Get the inside scoop on the role of HR in the workplace.
  • Insider tips and tricks: Navigate office politics and professional challenges like a pro.
  • Building bridges: Discover why having a friend in HR is essential for career success.

About the Speaker

As a seasoned HR Leader, Makini brings a wealth of experience and deep care in navigating the friction between people, HR and Leadership. Working as an HR advisor and senior leader in Tech for the past twelve years, Makini has encountered some of the most interesting, unorthodox experiences amongst her peers, and has maintained a respected reputation as a fixer, given her solution & results driven mindset. 

Born and raised in the Caribbean, Makini has found ways to remain authentic to her upbringing, while meeting people where they are and appreciating the different ways of working. Having dedicated her craft to a few North American companies over the years, and most recently, Canada’s largest Tech sweet heart, Makini continues to break barriers as one of two women of colour Directors, and is known for bringing others along.  

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