Building Career Confidence in Community 

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Building Career Confidence in Community

Join Valerie Le, Career Confidence Coach, and Culture Chat host Dobijoki Bringi for an engaging conversation about the essential role community has in helping us build our careers with confidence.

Oftentimes, building our careers is thought of as an individual undertaking in the mainstream context of Western work and career culture.

We are expected to know what to do to our develop our careers, despite a lack of career education, and systemic barriers to employment and career advancement.

On top of these challenges which can be so draining – we are often expected to bolster our self-confidence and esteem on our own accord, internalizing co-opted messages of self-care as the ways to boost our morale and self-esteem despite the overarching systemic barriers we may face.

Adopting these structures of hustling and grinding and self-caring ourselves to the top, many of us strive to prove our value and worthiness through work and showing that we are valuable because we can do it on our own – often times at the cost to our health and wellbeing, leading to serious burnout and still never feeling like enough.

With the yardstick feeling so out of reach, we may feel we don’t measure up as our value and worth are seen as contingent on our ability to produce. Thus, our confidence begins to wane and suffer.

Independence, individuality, and achieving career success on one’s own as someone “self-made” are heralded as admirable and the example to strive for.

But no one is fully self-made, we are the result of hundreds of caring human interactions and part of a great whole as human beings.

In a culture and society that proliferates from our strenuous labor, resting in the presence of others who can deeply understand and hold space, therefore becomes an act of resistance, building confidence, and taking your power back.

It is in the community and receiving valuable help in the form of mentoring and caring that we expand our capacity and confidence.

In this chat, we will discuss:

  • How confidence is nurtured collectively in supportive community environments
  • Self-care and rest as an act of resistance
  • Shifting from self-care to community-care
  • Shifting from survivalism to abundance in the presence of those who want to see you win

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding how community expands our capacity and why it’s critical for career growth and development
  • Why self-care and self-help isn’t the end-all, be-all for boosting one’s confidence especially when you’re in environments not designed for you – and what can help instead
  • Rest as resistance – Why rest is critical for not only well-being but also reclaiming our power

Speaker Bio

Valerie is a Career Development Practitioner passionate about coaching young people along their career paths. Since 2018, Valerie has helped job seekers accelerate their career success with work that is aligned with their authentic selves by helping clients identify and embrace their unique skills, talents, and zones of genius. It was through her journey of trusting the process with the challenges she experienced with her career and confidence that became the catalyst for coaching and mentoring other youth. Beyond career development, with the natural gift of encouragement, Valerie helps people transform their lives by skillfully facilitating life-changing mindset shifts with warmth and compassion, turning self-doubt into self-confidence. 


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