Money Blueprint: 6 Tips to Help You Manage Your Finances

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Money Money Money!!!

The financial impact that pandemic has had on millions of people has encouraged more dialogue about financial literacy and management. While inflation is reminding us of the importance of having an emergency savings account, we’re also being encouraged to think more deeply about how to manage our finances all together. This current financial crisis is impacting most people, however, racialized communities are disproportionately impacted by the challenges that come with inflation. In an article by WealthSimple, they write that “[n]ot only is the wealth gap — aka the lopsided, inequitable distribution of assets among populations — rooted in centuries of discrimination and racism, it limits people’s potential economic outcomes”. We cannot discuss wealth and finances without looking at the disparities between rich and poor, as well as racialized vs. non-racialized.

This Culture Chat offers necessary tips to help you think bigger and more consciously about how you can better your current financial situation and work towards generational wealth. The money blueprint simply and effectively guides you through 6 themes to help you control your finances.

What You'll Learn

  • Establish your spending values
  • Audit your current situation
  • Create a S.M.A.R.T. budget and goals
  • Build your emergency savings
  • Target high interest debt
  • Invest in future you

Speaker Bio

With over 10 years of financial services experience in two of Canada's largest banks, Tembeka Pratt decided to launch an Instagram-based platform called 'Rich Her' at the start of the 2020 pandemic. The page, which started off as a passion project, is aimed at helping female professionals understand fundamental financial concepts by creating content that includes simple tips, tricks and advice. Since then, Tembeka has left the financial services industry and is now pursuing management consulting with the Big 4, she continues to run the Rich Her platform, offering group and 1:1 coaching for those seeking personalized advice and guidance as it pertains to building a system for their dollars and aligning them with financial goals.

Tembeka’s hope is for Rich Her to spark conversation among her community that is focused on everything financial literacy, and foster a safe space for women to express their concerns and questions about their finances.


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