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Difficult Conversations: 5 Relationship Shifting Principles

Difficult conversations are not often at the top of the list of fun things to do and can feel like uncharted and unsafe territory. Yet, these conversations are critical in…

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Digital Wellness

Unplug your devices and plug into the power of mental wellness – where real connections and mindfulness take center stage, transcending the digital noise for a happier and healthier you.…

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Home Ownership: Bridging the Gap to Building Wealth

Racialized individuals face significant income disparities compared to white people. According to statistics, the total Canadian population owning their homes was 71.9% in 2021. In contrast, the Black (45.2%), Arab…

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The Art of Mindfulness Living

Mindfulness living is a lifestyle that emphasizes awareness, intentionality, andsustainability. No Circle of People. No need to talk. This practice is excellent for all personality types because it can require…

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From Theory to Practice: Implementing Quantum Ten (Q10) in Higher Education 

From Theory to Practice: Implementing Quantum Ten (Q10) in Higher Education offers a compelling argument for the necessity of integrating the Quantum elements into the fabric of programs in institutions…

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Know Your Worth In A Professional Setting

Where you work, is not who you are. In a world where job titles often overshadow individual identity, knowing one's worth is paramount. Navigating through the nuanced landscape of professional…

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Minority Stress Theory at Work

There is a relationship between minority and dominant values which results in an inevitable conflict with the social (i.e. workplace) environment experienced by minority group members. We will discuss how…

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Winning with a Wide World View

Make it a habit to develop and present ideas using a wider perspective that demonstrates your contribution to strategy development and strategic outcomes. In this chat, we will discuss Business…

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Journey to Confidence: Uncovering Your Strengths through Self-Exploration

Today's series, we will delve into the inherent confidence traits that exist within each of us by examining the ways we have supported ourselves throughout our lives. Additionally, we will…

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Building Career Confidence in Community 

Building Career Confidence in Community Join Valerie Le, Career Confidence Coach, and Culture Chat host Dobijoki Bringi for an engaging conversation about the essential role community has in helping us…

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