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Know Your Worth In A Professional Setting

Where you work, is not who you are. In a world where job titles often overshadow individual identity, knowing one's worth is paramount. Navigating through the nuanced landscape of professional…

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Minority Stress Theory at Work

There is a relationship between minority and dominant values which results in an inevitable conflict with the social (i.e. workplace) environment experienced by minority group members. We will discuss how…

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Winning with a Wide World View

Make it a habit to develop and present ideas using a wider perspective that demonstrates your contribution to strategy development and strategic outcomes. In this chat, we will discuss Business…

Culture Chats

Journey to Confidence: Uncovering Your Strengths through Self-Exploration

Today's series, we will delve into the inherent confidence traits that exist within each of us by examining the ways we have supported ourselves throughout our lives. Additionally, we will…

Culture Chats

Building Career Confidence in Community 

Building Career Confidence in Community Join Valerie Le, Career Confidence Coach, and Culture Chat host Dobijoki Bringi for an engaging conversation about the essential role community has in helping us…

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5 PR Tips to Level Up Your Self-Marketing

5 PR Tips to Level Up Your Personal Self-Marketing Public relations (PR) is the set of techniques and strategies related to managing how information about an individual or company is…

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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges Charting Unique to Racialized Employees in Today’s Workplace

Most employees that enter the workplace rarely think about what their rights are and how to ensure that their employment safety is being attended to from the legal side. It is…

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Microaggressions and Mental Health

The term “microaggression” dates back to the 1970s, and was coined by African American Harvard University psychiatrist Chester Pierce, specifically in relation to race. Overtime the term has expanded and…

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Managing Microaggressions in the Workplace

Have you ever come away from a workplace conversation thinking, "Did that really happen to me (and not in a good way)?" Perhaps you were the recipient of a casual…

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Using Design Thinking to Build Your Career

Adopting a design thinking mindset can help elevate and innovate your professional life and get you closer to the career of your dreams! The design thinking methodology provide tools to…

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