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If you have experienced any form of racial discrimination in the workplace, you are not alone.  Many people have learned to navigate their careers in the face of systemic prejudice, off-handed remarks and poor treatment. You don’t need to suffer alone.

What We Offer

Best practices

We have developed a knowledge base, pulling from the expertise of lawyers, HR specialists, Mental Health practitioners and Diversity & Inclusion consultants.  We want to make sure that everyone has equal access to the latest research and methodologies.

Strength in Numbers

Experiencing racial discrimination on the job can be isolating.  It can feel like nobody cares.  That feeling of hopelessness often leads to inaction and silence.  We want to change that by making sure everyone knows that they have a whole network of allies in their corner. So you can be confident and be bold.

Industry Advice

Our network of Corporate Allies™ have pledged to share all that they have learned through their internal Diversity & Inclusion work. Empower yourself by knowing what is working and what is not, so you can speak confidently with your own organization.


Being told that you are “being too sensitive,” or that you are “making everything about race”, can leave you questioning your own intuition and judgement.  Over time, this can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional health, and on your willingness to speak out.  We want you to feel seen.


Familiarize yourself with the right language and frameworks for tackling this subject in a productive way. Racism is a complex, multi-faceted subject, experiencing it does not make you an expert on addressing it.  Make sure you are equipped with the best tools.

Next Steps

We don’t want you to just feel good.  We want you to be able to walk away with actionable best practices and tools, so that you can confidently speak out about the injustices that you have faced.  We want to empower you with references and recommendations that you can bring back to your job.

DISCLAIMER: any advice provided either through conversation or our best practices should not be considered as legal advice.  Although lawyers have been consulted with and contributed to the creation of our best practices, we are not a replacement for the personalized council of a lawyer.

How It Works

We know the fear and concerns that many have when it comes to speaking up at work, which is why so many never do.  We have created a safe space, where people can express their true feelings and unfiltered experiences.  In turn, by collecting all of these anonymous stories, we are able to uplift the voices of the marginalized and train our Corporate Allies™ on the issues faced by specific communities.


Trust & Privacy

We know that many people never speak up when they have been victimized on the job because of fear of being reprimanded or labelled as a troublemaker.  That is why preserving your anonymity and your privacy is a top priority for us.    The aggregated data that we share with our Corporate Allies™ contains no identifiable information.  The data is intended to educate companies on the trends and issues faced by racialized communities.

Our Promise

We will never share your name or identify you.

We will never contact your company about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service really free?

Yes.  All Black, Indigenous and People of Colour can utilize our Support Hub for free.  Our services are subsidized by our Corporate Allies™.

Is this only for racism that happens at work?

Our best practices and expertise are in workplace inclusion and belonging, however there is opportunity to apply many of the same frameworks and concepts in many areas of your life.  

Is it really anonymous?

Yes, this is a safe space. We will never report back to your employer about you, or identify you in anyway.    We have created an indirect feedback loop, aggregating the collective experiences of the community and educating companies around the trends and patterns of these experiences.

Does this count as legal advice?

No.  We do work with lawyers to ensure everybody knows what is within their legal rights, but any advice or information that is shared should not be considered as legal advice.  

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