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Nathan Hall

is an award-winning entrepreneur, business leader and educator.

Powered by stories, Hall utilizes his position to amplify the voices of the marginalized and underserved within organizations. Specializing in anti-racism and inclusive cultures, Hall’s ability to simplify complex issues and put audiences at ease when discussing such uncomfortable topics has been his secret weapon.

Hall is equipped with an Honours degree in Sociology, a Masters in Management and an MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics and Strategy. Paired with his experiences of being “the only one”, or one of a few in all the offices and boardrooms he finds himself in, Hall has a rich wealth of knowledge at the intersection of inclusion and business.

Adamant on making everybody around him better, Hall works hard to be the change he wishes to see. He feels the utmost responsibility to break down as many walls as he can, to help make the road for everyone following him just a little easier.

“By sharing your story, you are helping to amplify the untold experiences of thousands of people just like you. There is power when we share our stories.”

-Nathan Hall


It was the most interesting and effective webinar on DEI that I have ever attended. Hall showed the advantages of DEI, both short and long term, and most particularly he explained the stress related reactions and behaviors that will be inevitable, if not managed and understood.

I just wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for such an awesome discussion today at Air Canada.

You are super informative and knowledgeable! It’s great to see the work you are doing in real time :)!

Thank you again for being a great voice for our community ✊????!


Really amazing session – the speaker was engaging and offered a lot of new ideas and perspectives we don’t often here in events/workshops. Breath of fresh air. Please bring him back!


Nathan Hall is a FANTASTIC public speaker and provided a deep and realistic perspective of our struggles in the workplace and conflict resolution.


Nathan was FANTASTIC. Best DEI talk/training I have ever had. Truly included multiple perspectives and did not try to force you into a “right” answer. Let you think and accept for yourself.

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