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The Mental Health 4 Success Program is designed for individuals who have been effected by workplace trauma. Our focus is to offer psychological support to help to mitigate the impact of your presenting issue(s) in your personal and work life, and to provide you with tools to cope with life problems now and in the future as you navigate your career within the corporate setting.

The Mental Health 4 Success Program adheres to the following principles:

  • Client-centered and identity-affirming
  • Anti-oppressive
  • Solution-focused and goal-oriented (emphasis on resolving issues)
  • Strength-based (focus on enhancing existing coping resources)
  • Education (not specialized treatment, therapy, or psychosocial evaluations)
  • Focus on the future, preferred outcomes.
  • Attention on achievable goals and measurable changes.
  • Client seen as an agent of change.
  • Self-empowerment/Self-determination
  • Neutral and impartial approach

Register for Four (4) FREE 50-minute psychotherapy sessions. Additional counselling sessions at a rate of $60.00/per session or on a sliding scale to be agreed upon.

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