Mental Health 4 Success

Four (4) FREE psychotherapy sessions for individuals who have been affected by workplace trauma.

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Therapy promotes well-being, while helping to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.

About the Program

The focus is to offer psychological support that helps to mitigate the impact of a clients’ presenting issue(s) on their personal and work functioning, and to provide clients with tools to cope with life problems now and in the future as they navigate entrepreneurship and leadership within the corporate setting. It builds on the client’s strengths and is goal oriented.

Access 4 FREE psychotherapy sessions + subsequent sessions at a reduced rate

Here are some ways therapy can be beneficial:

Resolving emotional difficulties

Therapy provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore and process their emotions. It can be helpful for addressing grief and loss, trauma, relationship issues, low self-esteem, stress, anger management, and other emotional challenges.

Developing coping skills

Therapy equips individuals with effective coping skills to deal with life’s challenges. Therapists teach techniques for managing stress, improving communication, setting boundaries, problem-solving, and building resilience.

Providing support during life transitions

Significant life changes such as career transitions, divorce, loss of a loved one, or relocation can be challenging to navigate. Therapy offers support and guidance during these periods of adjustment, helping individuals cope with associated stress, build resilience, and adapt to new circumstances.

Ready for a Change?

Develop the tools to cope with life's problems now and in the future

Brief Solution-Focused Therapeutic Approach

  • Client-Centered
  • Identity-Affirming
  • Goal Oriented
  • Strength-based
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Neutral Approach

If you have ever joined a Culture Check service or attended a training through your employer facilitated by Culture Check, you are eligible for this offering.

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