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Take a stance against racism and discrimination in the workplace and the communities that you operate in.

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Leadership Training

Build awareness and help your Executives, People Managers and HR team develop the tools for creating a sense of inclusion & belonging.


Get one on one support to discussion specific situations, policies or programs within your organization.


Dive deeper into the experiences of your employees and understand the often undetected role that race places within your company.

Speaking Engagements

Educate your entire workforce on creating an anti-racism environment.  Everybody plays a part, regardless of their position.


Why be an Ally?

Workplaces are still hostile environments for People of Colour, and most companies do not know how to navigate this subject effectively.  The few marginalized voices that do speak out do not accurately reflect the frequency, or volume, of indiscretions experienced by marginalized groups.   Being an Ally gives you unprecedented insights and empowers organizations with the tools to create more awareness and ultimately, a greater sense of belonging.

By The Numbers


Experienced racism at work


Expect racial discrimination at work


Say it happens too often to count

Why don’t I hear about this?

Due to fear of rocking the boat, many people have internalized the pain and mastered the art of “code-switching” and “double consciousness” in order to navigate their careers effectively. Many have normalized the frustration, annoyance, anger and isolation that comes with working in predominately White spaces.

  • Nothing ever happens 47% 47%
  • I don’t want to labelled as a “troublemaker” 45% 45%
  • I thought nobody would understand 42% 42%
  • I did not feel comfortable telling anyone 35% 35%
  • I have gotten used to it 34% 34%
  • I thought it would do more harm than good. 32% 32%

Source: Culture Check, Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Survey


What We Offer

We aggregate the unfiltered experiences of racialized employees with the learnings and best practices from our Corporate Allies™ to provide organizations with the most comprehensive view of the marginalized workforce.

Data-Driven Insights

Our race-based dataset provides a clear window into the issues and trends facing specific groups. This data is used to create localized training modules to support the unique needs of a community.

Best Practices

 Being an Ally connects you to our network of organizations that have committed to being transparent and sharing what has worked and what hasn’t within their organizations. 


To help measure progress and create more transparency, Allies are able to track their Diversity & Inclusion efforts against other organizations.

Social Impact

Being a Corporate Ally™ does not only benefit your company, but also provides the necessary funding required to operate our Support Center.  By creating greater alignment, improving your company will help racialized communities and the business community at large. Everybody wins.

Making a Difference

Are We Ready?

Being a Certified Corporate Ally™ does not mean that your company has it all figured out, or that you need be doing well in the area of Diversity and Inclusion.  Our Allies are not perfect.  What makes a great Ally is a willingness to acknowledge shortcomings and be transparent about the journey to becoming better.  We are here to support you, no matter where you are on that journey.

How is this different?

Racism is a complex and multi-faceted issue that requires more than one solution.  Most Diversity & Inclusion work takes a top-down approach of identifying issues and making changes from the top of the organization- which rarely translates into meaningful change for those who are most impacted.  We are focused on a bottom-up approach, supporting and uplifting the most underserved and underrepresented.  We believe that greater awareness brings about greater change.  

Culture Check is an impressive organization and its CEO and founder, Nathan Hall, is THE person to have on hand to help businesses and their people learn what racism (especially systemic and unconscious bias) is and how we can all work to put a stop to it. His incredible insight and know-how are critical for everyone who wants to listen and learn. We’ve all got a role to play in making our society better. Nathan is definitely leading this charge. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for expert speakers on anti-racism.
Manager, Employee Communication

Air Canada

We engaged Nathan for an anti-racism training for the branch. His approach throughout the process was amazing – he listened to what we were hoping to achieve, integrated the departmental context into the training, and created an atmosphere in which we could comfortably talk about race without expecting that one training session would make everything better. I would highly recommend Nathan and Culture Check to anyone looking to spur lasting culture change in their organization through meaningful conversations about race.
Senior Policy Analyst

Natural Resources Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace my Diversity & Inclusion team?

No.  The information that we provide will serve as a tool, providing your team will further insights to support your employees.  Even in companies that have made intentional efforts to create safe spaces for People of Colour to speak out, many are still reluctant to do so.  The experiences that many carry from previous employers, the stories of their friends and family and perhaps the unspoken culture of your own organization continue to act as barriers.

Having a team of full-time staff dedicated to understanding and addressing your company’s problems and specific areas of improvement will only increase the impact of the insights we provide.

Do I need a Diversity & Inclusion team to be an Ally?

No. No matter where your organization is at in their Inclusion journey, we want to help support you. All we require is a desire to do better, and a commitment to doing so.

Does this make me vulnerable for legal action?

No. Regardless of whether you become a Corporate Ally™ or not, your employees will have access to our Support Hub, therefore signing up does not increase any liability from your employees.  Furthermore, although lawyers may have contributed to our best practices, none of our advice is to be considered as legal advice.  Should a specific incident require legal attention, it would be beyond the scope of our services.  

All of the stories that we receive are anonymized.  We will never expose the experiences of your specific employees, or tell your employees about other indiscretions that have occurred in your company.  

Will you notify me when my own employees call in?

No. We provide complete privacy to anyone using our Support Hub.  Notifying an employer would be a breach of that trust and ruin the efficacy of our service.

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