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We work with leaders and teams to identify, design and implement organizational and cultural change.

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Healthy culture is the cause of great market performance, not the result.

Healthier cultures are more inclusive and diverse

Our team will work with you to identify key areas of improvement, and develop custom solutions for your organization.

We will help you get there


We will do a deep-dive into your organization with our Cultural Assessment. Aggregating the existing data within the organization, with new surveys, employees interviews and focus groups to identify how employees experience the values, practices and norms of the organization, and how they see themselves within it. We will identify any potential gaps, trends, strengths and opportunities within the organization’s practices.

Design & Implementation

Identifying potential issues is a great first step, but determining the best course of action and following through presents a whole new set of challenges. We will work with your team on designing and implementing inclusive and equitable solutions that help foster psychologically safe cultures.

Looking for something specific?

How Can We Help?

We Offer Support In Areas Such As:

  • Focus Groups
  • Research
  • Team Days
  • Policies
  • Assessments
  • Issue Processing

Ideal For…

Any Industry

Regardless of the industry or sector that your operate in, building teams and developing strong, innovative and inclusive work environment is a challenge. Our team will work with you, to help you navigate through it.

Any Team Size

Inclusive cultures are dependent on intentionality at all levels of the company. We will work with you at the organizational, departmental, or individual team level, depending on your needs.

Any Stage

Whether you are an established Fortune 500 seeking to make some changes, or a Startup seeking to infuse Inclusion and Belonging into your culture from the beginning, we will help you foster a stronger team climate.

Jennifer Nadeau

Communications Advisor

Culture Check was absolutely fabulous – not only did they have an amazing presentation with such incredible insight, they were completely willing to work with us on issues that arose beforehand. I would highly recommend Culture Check to come to your workplace – I know they made a difference in our workplace with the ideas and actions they presented.

Dimple Thomas

Engineering Manager

Culture Check’s approach towards race discussions is refreshing and wholesome, I would recommend!

Monique Fuller

Executive Assistant Community Impact

We had an excellent experience working with Culture Check. They were collaborative and attentive to our needs. Culture Check’s delivery is creative, engaging, and relevant.

Organizational change is rooted in shifting the culture.

Shifting the culture requires intentionality, leadership and the courage to do so. Is your organization ready for change?

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