Celebrating 7,000 Connections


Written by Nathan Hall |


No, we are not celebrating 7,000 social media connections. We are celebrating the 7,000 people who have been directly reached through our services in this year alone!

Our work is focused on addressing racial inequity in the workplace and empowering members of racialized communities to navigate difficult work environments and level-up their careers.


We offers a variety of services that are divided into two categories:

  1. Services for Racialized Professionals
  2. Services for Corporate Allies and Leaders

These 7,000 people are not just customers, consumers or users of our services. They are 7,000 PEOPLE. That is 7,000 colleagues, friends and community members.

For every person we connect with, that is not only an opportunity to impact and influence their lives, but the lives of those around them. And in the case of organizational leaders and executives, that circle of influence grows dramatically.

Although this work can be emotionally and physically draining, we are grateful for all of the conversations, questions and experiences that have emerged over the past year. One of our core values is to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, and we continue to walk in that value every single day.

That being said, when you get messages like these, it definitely makes the discomfort a lot more tolerable:

The service that you provide is life changing!

It is people like you who have given me the motivation to take more pride in showing who I am in my professional career.

It was the most interesting and effective webinar on DEI that I have ever attended

Absolutely amazing presentation and 1000% relevant in today's workplace. This should be a mandatory yearly session for ALL employees, regardless of level or how often they have participated before. It's that important.

Our work within organizations and in the community has also recently earned us a Social Entrepreneurship Award for our innovative business model, structured around social impact.

So thank you to everybody who has engaged with or shared our services with someone.

Change is possible when we are courageous enough to chase it.

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