Career Coaching

Helping racialized professionals level-up their careers

Learn to harness your strengths and differentiators in the marketplace, while reducing the harm of “being diverse”.

Why would you need a coach?

Has your work lost meaning?
Are struggling to find belonging at your work?
Do you feel like you are ready to make some significant changes in your life but feel stuck or overwhelmed when it comes to taking action?
Do you find yourself in a new professional role that requires skills/abilities you need to develop further?
Are you unhappy or dissatisfied in your work?
Are you needing to make a big or difficult decision/choice?

What we Offer

1x1 Sessions

1-hour long sessions to help you navigate the next steps in your career. Whether you need some advice, critical feedback, or motivation, speaking with a coach who understands your lived experiences will empower you to take your next step.

Career Assessment

Contemplating a new career? We will help you navigate your options, and work through any questions and concerns that you may face. Starting a new job as a racialized person can add an additional layer of anxiety, we will help you through it.

Belonging Map™

We will work with you to develop your own Belonging Map™, a tool used to help individuals foster their own sense of belonging no matter the current work environment that they find themselves in.


I still struggled to feel fully comfortable in myself. Not only in terms of speaking up, or questioning decisions made by those around me, but in my appearance as an Indigenous female in a professional setting. Looking back, I realize I tried my best to blend in and not look ‘out of place’ for the lack of better words.

Culture Check has given me the motivation to take more pride in showing who I am in my professional career.


Fantastic experience speaking with to Culture Check. I received really good advice that is practical and useful.

Let Us Help You Walk In Your Purpose

* Our career coaching services are subsidized by our work with our Corporate Allies™.


Yearly Plan

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  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Customized Support
  • Personal Development Plan
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Pay As You Go

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  • On-Demand Coaching
  • Check-in When Needed
  • Issue Processing
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