Belonging Assessment

Many of us instinctively know what it feels like to belong, but it is trickier to identify and label what exactly is contributing to those feelings.

Take our Assessment to see how your workplace is contributing to your sense of Belonging.

What You Will Learn

Psychological Safety

Discover just how Psychologically Safe you feel at your workplace. Are you willing to take risks, speak up and make mistakes?

Psychological Safety helps you:

  1. Feel included
  2. Learn
  3. Contribute
  4. Challenge the status quo

Dimensions of Workplace Belonging

Self: Are you clear on your own values, needs and goals?
Workgroup: What is your relationship with your direct team?
Manager: How is your relationship with your direct manager or supervisor?
Organization: How do the values, structures and policies shape your experience?

Turn insights into action

Belonging Map™

Once you have taken stock of where you are with the Workplace Belonging Assessment, you will be prompted to map out where you want to go with the Culture Check Belonging Map™.


After you have worked through these exercises by yourself, the next step will be to engage those you work with. However, not everyone has a safe workplace environment where vulnerability is welcomed and valued, but we are here to help.


We offer various workshops to help teams build stronger, more inclusive cultures that foster Belonging.

Take the first step in creating your own Belonging at work, regardless of where you are starting from.

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