Our Vision

For All Workplaces To Work For All People

What we Do


We empower the racialized workforce.


We strengthen teams and organizations.

Culture Check is an award-winning learning and development social enterprise, addressing racial inequity in the workplace through a combination of training, coaching, peer networking, research, best practices and tools.

Social impact is embedded with how we do business. Proceeds from working with our Corporate Allies™ go towards funding our uniquely designed programming catered towards empowering the careers of racialized professionals.


Consolidate the collective experiences of Black, Indigenous and People of Color and the best practices for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to educate, create transparency, and produce actionable insights to bring reconciliation and improve workplace environments.

Our Guiding Values

Lead with Love

We believe that most people want to do better, but just do not know how. We are here to facilitate reconciliation.

Commit to Learning

There is always more to know. A commitment to anti-racism is a daily commitment to listening, assessing and reflecting.

Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Racism will not go away on its own, it requires us to have frank and open dialogue. Over and over and over.

Message from the Founder

Culture Check was born out of the need to support the millions of Black, Indigenous and People of Color who experience racism in the workplace in all of its forms. Despite all of the initiatives that have be heralded by the business community to create more inclusive cultures, many of the individuals who are most impacted by such indiscretions have seen little to no change in their personal experiences.

Our Team

Nathan Hall
BSocSci, MSc, MBA
Dobijoki Bringi
BA, MA, Ed.D(c)
Community Manager
Tanya Sinclair
BA, M.Ed
Learning Architect
Gina Leslie
Aïssatou Keita
Change Management
Khan Bouba
Wellness Facilitator
Alicia-Marie LeJour

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